Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sleeping Betty

I just was writing the post I intended to publish tonight when it took a sharp turn for the worse and ended up being really sad and depressing. I started trying to focus on happy things and didn't have to look far as my precious daughter is fast asleep right next to me. What is it about sleeping children that makes them look so perfect? I just stare at Betty when she sleeps. I wonder what she dreams about. Probably Zac and Weezy from her favorite show, dragon tales. I'm pretty sure they're her imaginary friends.  She was singing and dancing in her sleep the other morning. Old Macdonald. The days are so filled with her personality, her Ideas and wishes and sweet affectionate moments that it's hard to imagine what she's doing in dream land. I love her world. I love how happy and innocent life is for her. I love how happy I can make her by showing her new things. I wish I could be that happy about glitter or the ABCs. She's so pure and beautiful. I'm so thankful that she's in my life - I tell her that. Even though she's still my little peanut, she makes my world so much bigger. Each night she snuggles up in her "comfy comfy blanket with the yellow stripes and the wipe stripes" and drifts off to her own little world. What a beautiful world a mind like hers must create. I want to go there too. A land filled with squishy dinosaurs, friendly dragons, cookies, lollipops, ballerinas and Jesus whom she's learning about in Awana. Every morning I tell her I missed her while she was sleeping and ask her what she dreams about. She always says me because she knows it makes me smile - that's how sweet she is. I'm so lucky to know such a sweetie pie and so thankful that God picked me to be her Mommy. Good night, all. I hope your dreams are sweet too.

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