Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bad Hair Year comes to an end... I hope

First and foremost: Please check out my new header and also my new etsy shop banner both care of Ms. Jessa from doesn't it look great? I'm so pleased and grateful that she did that for me. I keep coming back to my own blog just to admire it. Thanks a bunch Jessa!

I've never really been too particular about my hair. I've had friends and family cut and dye it my whole life with many many mishaps. I've buzzed it super short on a dare and I've cut it myself a ton just because. I do, however, always seem to be able to recover from my hair catastrophes fairly quickly. I've discovered that I can kindof pull off a lot of different looks. Or... at least I can convince myself I can even if it isn't true. My hair has gone through quite a few changes recently. It was super thick and pretty when I was pregnant and for a long time, like eight months, after Betty was born. But then things took a turn for the worse. My hair started falling out in huge clumps and I had several bad run-ins with boxed dyes which only made my hair fall out more. On top of that I had a couple bad haircuts:( One was particularly bad - She made me look like Kate Gosselin.

Here's my hair when I was pregnant (obvi) it had some left over highlights (originally a mistake also) in it from like two years before but you really couldn't tell and it was long and full and lovely. I should never have messed with it.

This was my first hair cut after Betty was born. I got it chopped off and highlighted. The haircut was nice but it wasn't what I wanted. My hair was still really thick and healthy at this point though - Betty was four months old in the second picture and probably three months old in the first.
here it was growing out and falling out. not a fun time. I also still had a ton of baby weight to lose so these are not my favorite pictures of myself.

When I say I had some bad run-ins with boxed dyes I really mean it. I bleached my hair once in Juneau and was able to recover by going to a professional but when I did it a second time in Vermont there was no turning back. My sister-in-law, who is a professional cosmetologist, warned me that I was making a mistake but I did it anyway.

So my plan at this point was to dye it red. The ultimate goal was to have a vibrant burgundy. I'm actually not sure exactly what color I was expecting to get but I disregarded the instructions on the box that said not to bleach my hair if I wanted it to stay darker so I ended up with this... Maybe subconsciously I wanted to have katy perry hair... but I don't think so.

Not too cute. I knew it would be an intense color but I was not prepared for this. And when I was washing the dye out of my hair I coated everything around me in dark pink dye.

I tried to get it fixed and it worked pretty well

but then it started to fade.

and after my doctor told me to stop dyeing my hair It grew out into this horrible two-toned mess.

People would actually stop and stare at me and one sweet little boy came up to me just to inform me that my hair was orange... he really thought I needed to know. I've been reluctant to get it cut because I feel like I have so much less hair than I did and because It has honestly been years since I've had a haircut I was happy with but I think I'm happy with this one.

She couldn't get all of the color out but I actually really like the random red ends and I feel like my hair is way more full looking. Today I didn't blow dry it and it settled into a bunch of fun little curls. It makes me think of Molly Ringwald from way back when. Anyway I'm quite pleased and super relieved to not have to worry about looking like a crazy lady with bright orange hair. I won't be dyeing my hair again for a long long long time. Lesson learned. What do you think? Have you had any similar experiences? Let me know!


  1. ...WOW! eheh. needless to say, it looks fabulous now.



    p.s. your baby is adorable!

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog :) Oh my you look lovely with your new haircut but to be honest you got away with the red hair and the blonde and the half and half as you have a pretty face, and your daughter is gorgeous, I love the name Betty.LBF x

  3. Nice hair cut. Why do we always do that, cut or change our hair then really regret it once we see a photo of ourselves.

    I did the same, long hair, cut after Jose was born then regretted it really bad. (mind you am sat here typing this after a quick trim at the hairdressers left with with a fringe a lot shorter then a) I asked for and b) like!! We never learn.


    p.s Hasn't Betty got fantastic eyes!!

  4. Thank you guys! I also think Betty is gorgeous and has fantastic eyes but it's super nice to hear other people say it. And thank you for the hair compliments. I totally hate the feeling of a nad haircut. so much regret :(

  5. I love your stories about the history of your hair and your pictures really tell the story! No matter what you look like it has not detracted from your beauty at all. You and Betty have gorgeous smiles and happy faces no matter what your hair looks like. Your hair cut is super cute, it makes it look so thick and stylish. Thanks for sharing your story and your vulnerability, very heartwarming!

  6. Women and our hair journeys! I have been down the same road. The post pregnancy fall out is the worst! I have also dyed my hair at home with some terrible results!! Muddy brown/gold/orange mess. I vowed to leave it to a professional after the last catastrophe which needed to not only be re dyed but cut drastically. Even the last time I had my hair dyed in a salon (because I wanted violet peekaboo highlights) it didn't work so well. I am just going to stick to black dye. My hair seems to love it and grow most when I do just that. I understand the struggle though, for sure!

    1. Oh man!yes it's so traumatizing. I'll be leaving my hair to the professionals as well

    2. P.S. I absolutely Love your blog! I started reading when you got your old camper to turn into a vintage shop! I've been looking for an old scotty camper ever since. So much fun!

  7. Hi, I've just popped over to your blog from "From Beyond My Kitchen Window" and I've really enjoyed the post on your hair! Our hair is never right - is it! Thick, thin, long, short, curly, straight!!! I LOVE your last photo, I think your short cut looks adorable!

    I'm now your newest Follower and off to explore more of your posts! Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Awesome! Thank you for stopping in. I'll be popping over to your neck of the woods soon!

    2. p.s. your blog is one of my favorites!

  8. Hello! Thanks for joining my blog! I love your new haircut!! I have naturally thick curly hair and I always end up cutting it short, then I wish that it would grow long again, then when it's a nice long length, I cut it again, the cycle goes round and round - my husband always says - i thought you were growing it!
    Women and their hair!! :-P Look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you


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