Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eucalyptus Wreaths!

This is something my mom used to do all the time growing up. I saw the materials at my local craft store and decided to give it  a go. My wreath didn't turn out as even as I would have liked but it's still nice. you can do this with herbs too... lavender wreaths are awesome.

What you:ll need:
1. A good amount of eucaluptus stalks cut to desired length.
2. A premade twig or straw wreath base.
3. A spool of florist's wire.
4. Anything else you might want to add. Ribbons, spanish moss, glue gun, decorative branches, etc.

Gather your eucalyptus into bundles of 4 to 6 branches and wrap florist wire around the bottom to secure. Do this repeatedly until the wreath i covered. be careful to cover any wire with the next bundle.
Add your decorations. Use your glue gun or florist's wire to attach bows or spanish moss or rafia or whatever to your wreath. twist a wire loop around the back of your wreath to hang it.
This is my first try since I was little. Next time I'll make it better but I still think it's pretty... and it makes the house smell nice. If you mist the wreath with water every once in a while it will make your house smell super nice. Have a nice day!


  1. So pretty! And the smell of eucalyptus is one of my favorites. Well done!


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