Meet Me

"you smell like the rain."
The Beginning

In the beginning there was not a lot of light. That is if we're calling the beginning that time before I got married. I was listless, lost, mean and angry because I just didn't know what to do with myself. I'd been to four different colleges and made and left tons of new friends along the way. I felt like I didn't know anyone that I could trust and I didn't belong anywhere. It was kind of scary. Then I spent a summer in Alaska living with relatives and it was happy and there was always something good and constructive happening and it was real life not temporary or fleeting like college life can be. Anyway it was a good experience and it was there that I met Chad, a christian boy who lived on a boat with another christian boy. Fast forward. *makes whooshing noise* I've been married to Chad for 3.5 years and the other christian boy who lived on a boat is marrying my sister-in-law. life, huh? I'm a christian also and it's changed my entire outlook on life. I'd like to clarify some things as generally when I tell people I'm a christian I get eye rolls or scoffs or silence - once someone yelled at me and ran out the door. I'm not Angela Martin, although I acknowledge that there are many of those out there. I really believe that Jesus Christ Existed and that he was the most amazing thing this earth has ever seen.My goal in being a christian is to continue growing closer to him as my savior and to try to become as much like him as I can. This is a goal I will never achieve because I'm human. This also means I have to try to be as humble as I can be... which means I know I'm not better than you. I have made incredible mistakes in my lifetime but I've still been able to receive God's gift of forgiveness and I'd love to show you that you can too. Look here! I think most people have a bad taste in their mouths when it comes to Christianity because they often see Christians who are misguided acting radically in public like here or here or here or here. This puts a bad taste in my mouth as well. Actually, it breaks my heart a little. Jesus teaches us to love our neighbor as ourselves and that what we do to the least of his children we also do to him. To me that means that I need to show love to everyone even if I don't believe that their lifestyle is right - I know my lifestyle isn't right but just like everyone else I'm learning as I go and I'm human too. If I boil it all down what it really comes down to is that I want to be able to be uplifting and loving to everyone and I want to be helpful and yes I do want to help bring people to Jesus by being a beacon for Christ's love. Life is confusing and people are fragile and I've gone off on a tangent. If you want to read or see something uplifting click here or here or here! Anyway, I'm now a mother to my amazing daughter, Betty who was named after my grandmother, Betty (Still my best example of christian living.) Chad and I were married in Michigan and lived in Vermont for six months before we moved to Juneau, Alaska where we lived for two and one half years. Now we live in Maine and are still getting used to it.  When we lived in Alaska  worked in a real grown-up job where I did well and enjoyed working. It was a better job than I could have gotten anywhere else but I missed being with my baby. Her daycare was amazing but I was still not at peace with it. when Betty was fourteen months old I decided to quit my job and become a Stay-at-Home-Mom. It's been hard so far and there have been some bumps along the way but I still stand by my decision to stay home and I know in my heart that God will take care of us. I love being home with her. I love serving my family and I love growing and learning with my husband.

My Life Today

I live here
I'm married to him

We have her.

The Best Intentions

                                          Pinned Image                        Through this blog I hope to share the joy I have in life. I think everyone worries about money and it's easy to feel like you're the only one that worries but you're not and it's okay. Rather than focusing on money (or anxiety that comes with focusing on money) I want to focus on everything God has given me to enrich my life and my family. I love so many things in life and I love so many people. I love to create beauty and to spend time appreciating beauty around me... Why not write about all of that? Life is good but only if you take the time to find the good. So here's some good...
                                                    I will hug him and squeeze him and call him.... Satchmo. HEHE.
                                            There, you see? Life feels better already.

Some of My Favorites
I love thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets. I love sewing and crafting and painting/drawing. I love to read... EVERYTHING. I love this book. I love this passage. I love anything that makes me say "awwww." I love goofy television, sappy songs and knock knock jokes. I love basil. I love the color orange and elephants are my favorite animals. I love anything old-fashioned and the Amish. My dream vacation would include candle-dipping in Colonial Williamsburg. I love when my house smells like cinnamon or vanilla. I love to bake cupcakes. I love to eat cupcakes. I love to spend time outside but not in direct sunlight. I love to creep out my loved ones and sometimes strangers and I love it when they do it right back - so long as everyone knows it's a joke. I love when I'm too sarcastic for anyone to know I'm not being sincere. I love life's little details. I love meeting new people and eating new foods. I love short and scenic train rides. I love to catch up with old friends and spend time with my extended family. I love when I feel good about myself and I love that Chad is there for me when I don't. I love the Lord, I love Chad & I love Betty. I love that you just read this! Thank you!


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