Sunday, July 8, 2012


So Chad and I are once again starting to grow restless every other day we run over the same lists of pros and cons for our potential "permanent" home states. We talk about Alaska, of course, Washington, Oregon and Michigan. This week we're both favoring Michigan but it changes all the time. The truth of the matter is that we can't move anywhere for at least another year so we're doing some things that we've always been bad at before - enjoying where we are while we're here. We've gone roller skating, camping ( three times in three weeks!) firefly catching, eating Lobster and Steamer clams because they're wicked cheap, and finding little parks and attractions to visit with Betty. We still haven't found a good home church and it's insanely hot which still isn't as bad as being overrun by spiders but Maine has a lot of beauty so we're going to enjoy it while we can.

One of the little attractions we checked out was a cute little vintage mall in Searsport, ME. We're still trying to conserve our funds so all I could spend there was $5.25 but I got a great little soap saver that's now resting above our kitchen sink. Just because I didn't buy much doesn't mean I didn't enjoy quite a bit of what I saw... So I took pictures! I know that's horribly tacky and borderline rude but there was so much amazing stuff.

 How cool would it be to have this in your house?
 I want this buffet table thing in my dream dining room.
 They had a bunch of pairs of these old Victorian boots. I often think I was born 80 years too late.
 I love Pyrex and there were a ton of different patterns but they were all expensive and there weren't any complete sets.
 A ZITHER! I want to learn to play this!
An old high chair! we were given an antique high chair for a baby present and I love it.
 A blueberry rake! My parents were searching for one of these a few years back and I would have snagged this but it's huge and expensive.

 So fun!

 Betty got bored.
 I know nothing about this painting but I love it.
 This is an antique paint by number. I haven't done on of those since I was ten.
 Another piece of furniture for my dream home.
and another

 Every time I see one of these I think of my Mom. She had a little green one and a big milk glass one growing up... I got her one for mother's day a few years back.
I keep searching for one of these! This one was in my price range but it wasn't adjustable and I'm not 80 pounds... The search continues.

 This thing is crazy

 More elephants
 More for my dream home

 1950's bread box and thermos! So cute!
 Another elephant end table and Tiffany's lamp.

 I really love the blue and white pin!
 I know where to go now when i want to buy my two-tone claw foot tub.

Cutest little play kitchen furniture
Gotta love the Mainers.

I love all of the antique stores and thrift shops in Maine. There's so much character here... Maybe next time I'll spend more than $5.25.


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