Monday, October 7, 2013

This Week's Favorite Things

I know the week is early but there are still a select few things that are constantly making me smile.

1. My daughter started calling her pig tails "puppy dog ears."

2. Whenever there is a silence I hear her pipe up with "Mommy, I like you." *melt*

3. My Belly - I feel my little occupant kicking a bunch in there and people are starting to talk about my bump without fear. Plus it's a challenge to find cute clothes which is often fun and seldom frustrating.

4. The pool! I'm teaching Betty to swim and she's doing super well! I think she'll be able to get around the pool on her own very soon.

5. Liz Lemon. This fictional character and I are kindred spirits. I wake up several times throughout the night now and I lull myself back to sleep with her crazy antics. I hate rulebreakers too! I want to write a whole post on the similarities.

6. My Husband. I haven't seen him that much recently but he's spent a bunch of time with Betty the last couple of days which is quite a treat. She has accidentally called me Daddy a couple of times.

7. Duolingo. I really want to teach my kiddo's French and I'm loving this little program, I always feel like I'm winning! What a great way to motivate!

8. Fall! In Alaska this was my least favorite time of year, Anywhere else it's the best. It's still pretty warm but it's foggy and beautiful out. The mornings are shrouded in a silvery mist and i have to wear sweaters. I love it. Plus, soon I'll get to make sweet potato pie. Yum.

9. My family in general. I love them so much.

10. Jesus! He is so good. Betty has been saying prayers and singing "Jesus loves me." What a good feeling.

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