Saturday, September 8, 2012

Yay! Road Race!

So I almost didn't get up today. I was all ready to sleep in and skip the race I'd planned on running. I was telling myself that I wasn't ready and it would be terrible and I'd be much better off just to not go. My lovely husband, however, convinced me to get up and go because he knew that I'd regret not going. I definitely would have. I only started training on -what was it, Tuesday? anyway, I've been running two times since I started "training"  and did one night of cardio on the elliptical and stationary bike so my goals today were not lofty by most people's standards. My goals today were to try and run under forty minutes and to not walk at all - they honestly seemed like lofty goals to me. I timed myself during the race and at about twenty-nine or thirty minutes I asked a race official how far away the finish line was expecting him to say at least another mile. To my surprise he told me I only had a couple tenths of a mile left. I was shocked! I started my kick right then and I ended up finishing with 33:39 as my time. As I came around the last corner I saw Chad and Betty on the sidelines cheering and Betty was so excited! I'm so glad I went out today because I didn't stop and walk once and I beat my goal! Yesterday I ran a mile on an indoor track and clocked it at exactly eleven minutes. I was completely exhausted afterward and a little depressed. My best ever mile time is 5:59 but that was almost exactly ten years ago. Anyway, as tired as I was yesterday, I did not think I'd be able to keep that pace over a 5k but there you have it. It was a good day for me. There is a 5k next week I'm hoping to be able to run and my goal for that race is to get under thirty minutes! (There might be a scheduling conflict though so I'm not set on that one yet.)

Horrible picture. This was just moments after I finished. I sat down to stretch my legs and Betty siezed the opportunity.

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