Wednesday, September 5, 2012

getting in shape... maybe

So... I'm trying to start running again. Back in January I went on weight watchers and lost like 16 pounds. as of now I've gained twelve of them back so I clearly can't eat like weight watchers wants me too and I really don't want to. I was only allowed 26 points a day and it was not fun. I take way too much joy in my food. On the other hand, I take a lot of joy in being lazy so, since dieting didn't stick I'm hoping I can stick to an active lifestyle. I ran three miles yesterday. Excuse me, I "ran"  three miles yesterday. I would like to say it was one of the most white trash runs of my life but I don't think it makes the cut. Still, it was up there. My parents found a jogger stroller at a garage sale a while ago (My aunt recently and unwittingly informed me that sometimes when my parents say garage sale they mean at the dump. So I have no way of knowing where it really came from.) At any rate, it's missing it's front wheel and I didn't notice until I'd driven it downtown already. I ran with it anyway. It took me forty-five minutes to run three miles and the whole time I was balancing the stroller awkwardly so the front didn't scrape the ground. I wore the skin from one of my knuckles - it was bad. Today I went to the YMCA and spent ninety minutes on the stationary bike and the elliptical machine. I haven't really run that much since college and I feel like my joints have started disintegrating and I have really bad feet. my right one is particularly bad and it really hurts. my muscles are so sore- I'm in bad, bad shape. However, I am hoping to run a 5k race this Saturday - wish me luck! I might post pictures but I might look too awful so no promises.

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