Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back From Lala Land

Hello again! I'm sorry I haven't been on here lately but life has been busy and I've been enjoying it. Although I love the blog world and my little place in it I don't ever want to catch myself saying " I can't do that because I need to blog." That's just silly. I feel Like I have much to tell you but for now we'll start with the most noteworthy.

Our Mini-Vacation in Bar Harbor

We just arrived back from a long weekend in Bar Harbor with Chad's family. Chad's family now consists of Fourteen people and sadly Zebbie and Zoey are still in Alaska but we had fun in their honor. I don't think I've ever been to Bar Harbor before but it was so beautiful (even though it rained on us.) Chad and I realized that this was our first time "camping" as a family. Next time we hope to camp for real by either canoeing or hiking out to some place super remote and setting up our own camp and fire pits and everything but this was a great way to spend time with everyone and ease Betty into the great outdoors. I don't think she's ever slept so well and she kept asking me what every little sound was. It was really a great time and the rest of the family is still out there enjoying it :( wish we could have stayed.

At The Camp

Home away from home

Tending the fire in a vintage polka dot dress.

Oma and her baby

Sneaky Betty

Campfire eggs

Prepared for the rain in style

Peek a boo with Auntie Caity And uncle Troy's Dog.

At The Beach

On our way to the sea shore

flower girl

Auntie Natasha taught her how to pull snails off of the rocks

Her dress was soaked when we left

At a Family Friend's For Dinner

They had a pet squirrel and a bunny!

Note the rounded window! like a hobbit house!

Out on the Town

people actually stopped and took pictures of this as they drove by. Uncle Bacon is teaching Betty to fly and Auntie Ky is... sorry Auntie Ky.

I sort of gave up on trying to look presentable by the last day.

Everybody taking pictures.


At Fort Knox (Just the Three of us)

we stopped at the fort on our way home

old ovens

 pretty view.

We loved Bar Harbor and I'm already excited to go back again later this summer. We found an old lobster trap and bought it - it's going to be our new coffee table!

p.s. Check out Jessa's blog! She featured my brittle shop and made my candy look so yummy!


  1. those campfire eggs got me so curious! haven't tried those before.

    1. They were really good. Next time, though I think we'll put them on tin foil instead of right on the coals... that way we can eat the onion too.


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