Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Around the House // My Dream Bathroom

So at this moment my little bathroom is decorated in an elephant theme because I love elephants.This i not my dream bathroom but I think Betty likes it. I've been thinking a little about what I want my future bathroom to look like with the help of Pinterest and here's what I've come up with.
Lavender bathroom!lavender bathroom lavender bathroom
There's something really relaxing about a bathroom painted purple. In my first apartment with Chad we painted the bathroom a color named Silverberry. Soft dusty lavender shades look so nice with white. old fashioned fixtures.

Claw foot bathtub.claw foot bathtub.Claw-foot Bathtub

I really want a claw foot bath tub. I like the ones that are two different colors also... Lavender, of course.

Antique dry sink turned bathroom sink.Put an Antique in the Bathroom. Love the tile floorpurple bathroom,claw foot bathtub,antique vanities,silver wall mirror,texture ceramic wall tile,silver claw foot bathtub

I really love the antique dry sink turned bathroom sink. I love that I can have a claw foot tub and a modern shower and I love the antique tiling and design of the purple one... It's almost perfect.

antique door knobpurple tile, gold faucets. YESFalling floral shower curtain- PURPLE
Purple door knob?Yes! Bronze Fixtures? Yes! Falling floral shower curtain? Yes!

Ceramic Hippo Planter 'Lavender'keep calm and love hipposLavender Ceramic Cabinet Knobs by knobsandmore on Etsy, $14.00lavenderlavenderLavenderSquare Lavender Transferware Plate Embossed by EnglishTransferware,Silver Glass Lanternsthe purple roses are freeze dried

These are all things that I would love to have on display in my Dream bathroom... and a towel warmer.
I feel relaxed just thinking about it. What would you put in your dream bathroom?


  1. i really thought the first photos were pictures of your bathroom for real! :)

    anyway, great picks for your dream bathroom. the lavender accent puts a soft and fun touch. :)

  2. Ah yes, shades of purple are perfect for bathrooms! But, I wouldn’t suggest going for darker shades because it sharpens the tone of the room. Oh, and flowers (I prefer white ones) can greatly complement this color. And you may want to put in some scented candles too, to maximize that relaxing aura.

  3. I like purple too since it brings out a relaxing ambiance. The combination of red and blue -- the warmest and coolest colors -- represents a sense of balance. I would go with the scented candle idea and some purple gemstones too. If you want to relax while dipping in the tub, having a purple-themed bathroom is definitely great to have.


Thank you for your happy thoughts