Monday, June 11, 2012

My Afternoon Play list // My Sunday Best

My Afternoon Play list

So I've been neglecting all you readers out there. Sorry, Mom. I didn't post yesterday so here's two posts in one.
1. What I'm searching for: A tripod for my camera. You'll see later how terrible my attempts have been at taking my own pics. I doubt it would help the quality of the pictures too much to have a tripod but I'm sure it would make it easier to take them. I wouldn't have to perch my camera on top of the microwave anyway.
2. What I'm working on: Beaded necklaces! I really love this one but mine are a little more elementary. I'm going to give them as gifts because it's fun for me and less expensive than buying necklaces. You're welcome, family ;)
3. What I'm listening to: Again it's Meiko. I was singing this song for the rest of the day. We saw her in Portland yesterday and it was fun! I got bubble tea and Chad got uncomfortable. He hates large crowds.
4. What I'm reading: "Heroes for My Daughter" by Brad Meltzer. The introduction made me cry. All parents should read this book or it's counterpart, "Heroes for My Son."
5. What I'm watching: I Love Lucy! She was one of the Heroes in Brad Meltzer's book. These shows are so cute and funny... and I really love the dresses and hats and gloves and jewelry and shoes.
6. What I'm excited about: My sister-in-laws bachelorette party. It's going to be so much fun! Has anybody been to one with fun games we could play? All of them wholesome of course...
7. Who I'm blog-stalking: Molly of Matchstick Molly. This girl is so inspirational and super smart. I've had the very distinct pleasure of getting to spend time with her and she was very full of life and funny. She has a way of writing that makes you want to read ahead or all at once - to absorb what she's saying. Like what she's writing is lemonade and you just want to guzzle it all down. It's very refreshing. If you haven't been there yet visit her blog!

My Sunday Best.

As I mentioned earlier, yesterday we Saw meiko perform. We went to the Old Port festival in downtown Portland and it was packed. We didn't stick around to see Eric Hutchinson because we had Betty with us and it was really warm and sunny but that's okay... I really went for Meiko anyway. My parent's flight left for Ketchikan at 6 yesterday morning so we went to a church that Chad's parent's church planted in Portland. It was a really good service which is awesome but sad at the same time because we'd like to go more often but the Church is just too far from our house. After church we just hung out and spent the day in Portland until Meiko played. It was a beautiful day. I started out with a long sleeve sweater on and ended the day covered in sunscreen. Maine weather is too sunny for pale people.

I really like this skirt because it has lots of buttons and pockets. also it was a thrift store score. How cute is Betty in this picture? Women near us were jumping out of her skin when she smiled for the camera. Check out the street... The whole town is bricked like this and it's beautiful.

More Thrifty Finds

Betty is terrified of dogs. In the second picture, even thought the dog was gone, Betty wouldn't let me put her down. The dress and leggings were both thrift store finds. the leggings were free because I pointed out a pen mark and the dress was $8.00. Also, don't worry, I am getting my hair fixed soon.
Okay so we've established that I'm terrible at these pictures, right? that being said, I've been pinning lots of mixed prints outfits and this was my attempt. purple plaid shorts and a floral shirt. Yay me. notice Betty in the background completely unfazed by my strange behavior.

The turquoise poppy dress was $6.00// vintage floral skirt $3.99// long jersey dress 4.99 // grey mini dress $7.99 // purple dresses $7.99 // red pleated skirt $3.99 // cute shoes! $6.00 // and, oh yes, that's a stretchy pant suit and it's awesome!!! I'm determined to wear it some place! $5.99.

I was able to go thrifting with my mom which was awesome because she's great at it. She finds all sorts of stuff. She got a full wooden kitchen set that's really cute and looks handmade from Goodwill for three dollars! Anyway it's always fun to thrift with another person because then there's someone there to tell you what's ugly and what's not. Unfortunately for everyone that goes shopping with me the word "ugly"is usually my cue to buy something and those ugly items are generally the ones I love the most. I'll be back with more tomorrow! Have a good night!

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  1. I'm very impressed with your thrifting! It was fun to see you get excited over your treasures you found at Goodwill! Keep thrifting, Maine has so many hidden goldmines in thrift stores! Glad you were able to spend some time in the Old Port, you will want to go when there isn't a festival going on for Chad, lots to see there also!


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