Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Sunday Best

Mother's Day!

For Mother's day Chad took us to get Sushi in Brunswick! Betty entertained the whole restaurant (check out the boy's  face behind us.) I say we went to get sushi but we really went to get bubble tea - It's my favorite. The sushi was just a bonus. As you can see, Betty took to chopsticks (or chopstick) better than the average 23-month-old. I had to include the seaweed salad 1. because it grosses my sister-in-law out and 2. because it's my favorite. I love that stuff.

My Outfit.

I'd like to say that the glow you see from my legs is the result of a special filter but I don't think it is... I'm just that white. The dress I'm wearing is a Calvin Klein cowl dress that I got for free from a second-hand store in Juneau (It had a stain on it and they were going to throw it out but it came out in the wash. Don't judge.) The belt came from another dress I have and I bought the shoes from, again, The brooch is an heirloom and I love it and the necklace is my grandmother's. I think the term "Sunday Best," for me, really applies to the best I can create without following what I think I'm "supposed" to want. If I can feel pretty and fun in a dress I got for free why should I spend a  bunch of money. I guess what I'm saying is I don't know why I have to buy what they're selling. I realize that I like a lot and that they are a popular company selling me an image but other than that I'm sticking to this idea.

My Mother's Day Present

My husband works long hours and sacrifices a lot for our family so at the end of his day, he just wants to spend time with us... also he knows I know exactly what I want so for things like Mother's day and Valentine's day, other than flowers, the best gift he can give me is just to take me shopping and watch Betty. He is an amazing gift giver, by the way, and he always outdoes me on my birthday and Christmas.  Today while we were walking to the sushi bar we stumbled across a really cute little consignment boutique being run out of the ground floor of someone's home. He watched Betty as she ran through the store and into the backyard to pick dandelions and he stopped her from disrupting someone else's dressing room privacy just in the nick of time.  Here's some of the decorating she did
                                                                View photo.JPG in slide show Cyoot!

I'm really excited about everything I found to day especially because I didn't spend more than $6.00 on any item! Eventually I think I'll get to the point where I have the energy to actually try on each item to take a picture of it but right now I'm going to be lazy about it. so here you go!

I've been looking for a cute and modest shorter skirt that I can wear with a bunch of different outfits. I'm excited to see if this is what I've been looking for. I love the zipper

HIGH-WAISTEDSKIRT!!!! look at the buttons!!!

I love this fun print and the dress fits so well. simple lines usually do.

I love fun buttons. this will be a fun "lazy" shirt/dress to wear with jeans or leggings.

Dressy blouse. One of the belt loops is broken so I got the shirt for half price. $4.00! I think it would be really cute with the high-waisted skirt from up above 
  So I've come to love all of my thrifty finds and I want to blog about ALL of them but then I would feel like I have nothing waiting in the wings to pull out and surprise everyone with... and when I say everyone I mean my lady family members because I'm pretty sure they're my core, if not my only, audience. so, Hey, Kylie! what do you think of my new clothes?

Have a fabulous end to your Mother's day!

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