Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mommy Moments

Tomorrow is Mother's day! In preparation fora busy day of mommyhood bliss ahead of me, I'm going to wrap up this weeks Mommy moments a little early... or right on time, I guess. Happy Mother's day everyone!

Mommy moment #1

I'm going to start out with the most recent...

This picture is really cute because of the story behind it. Chad stayed home with Betty while I went grocery shopping. When I arrived home this is what I saw. Chad said that she got herself ready for her nap without any help from him. She pulled the blanket down off the back of the couch, Picked up the pillow off  the floor and found her monkey before she climbed in and went to sleep. Such a big girl!

Mommy moment #2

Yesterday Betty and I went outside to enjoy the beautiful day. we played lots of Peek-a-boo and I'm-gonna-get-you. It was super fun. I mean, look at how happy she is! Great times.

Mommy moment #3
Today was daddy's "day off" so he was able to spend about an hour outside with Betty playing ball and picking flowers while I did the house work that I have trouble doing with Betty inside - She's terrified of the vacuum. When they were done playing outside they brought mommy a gift.

awww. Flowers for Mama

Mommy moment #4

Daddy has been teaching Betty tricks...

She has some trouble when she tries to do it alone.

Next we tackle break-dancing.

Mommy moment #5
Creepy Betty

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