Monday, May 28, 2012

My Sunday Best// Goals Before My Next Birthday.

We didn't get up at a very decent hour today and that means we didn't go to church... So I didn't really get dressed in my Sunday best. We did, however drive to my grandparents home an hour away and spend the afternoon with my parents and grandparents. My mom went "garage saling" this morning and got me an antique suitcase for $2... we'll see if I can make it into something nice. My mom brought a box of cards from my graduation and it was really sweet and kind of sad to sort through them. I don't really feel that I've failed so much by not graduating from college but... at that point in my life I don't think I expected to end up a "college drop-out." I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up and I'm 26. Maybe I missed the boat. I found a card from my Grandpa and from the sweet lady that lived down the road from me growing up... There was one from the family that lived around the corner. I used to babysit them when they were little but when I graduated they didn't need babysitters anymore. The eldest has a very successful blog now and in the card she told me to have lots of adventures and always pack clean underwear... sweet. I'm glad my mom hung on to that stuff. It's really precious to see how many people I had supporting me - I'm sure they still support me. Sorry everyone, college wasn't for me. Maybe someday. On that subject, I was reading another blog today and there was an older post about goals... I'm sure I've seen this all over the place but I'm not going to copy the format exactly because I don't want to do 26 before 27. Adding another goal each year is just going to end up being really depressing for me. Like when I turn 79 it's just going to be me writing "don't die, don't die, don't die...etc."  I'm going to be realistic if I can and I'll stop when I'm done. How 'bout that?

Goals to meet before my 27th birthday.

1. Audit some sort of creative class here at the local college. ( I can do that for free because I live within the city limits. Score!) I've never taken a pottery class jewelry making or sculpture or photography... If I can audit something like that I would... I'd love to do more printmaking too.

2. Reopen my etsy shop. That one should be soon too.

3. Read a book a week or, if it's long, a book every two weeks... Just start reading again.

4. Get Betty involved in something. There must be some sort of dance class or something around here.

5. Track down a vintage tear drop or scotty trailer and take a camping trip with the family (I know... how expected that a twenty-something with a blog would want a vintage trailer.)

6. Do some serious Bible reading. I really need to be in the word every day and I'm not. That makes me a hypocrite.

7. Get help with my flying phobia and probably some other stuff. That's probably an awkward one but oh well. It's a problem and I can't explain it so I think it wouldn't be a bad thing to get help with it.

8. Make friends and start babysitting/ daycare. I know it inspires a lot of confidence when I talk about watching someone's children right after I say I need counseling. ha! seriously, though.

9. Buy a bunny. Convince both my husband and landlord that having a bunny is a great idea!

10. start a small garden and keep everything alive. Sadly, this is probably my least achievable goal.

11.  Start painting again. Even if my paintings aren't good they're still good for my well-being.

12. Come up with weekly menu's each Sunday and grocery shop accordingly each time consistently.

13. Meet with someone about what we need to do to be able to buy a home someday.

14. Have another baby. Well actually, I can't do that by January but I'd like to be expecting again by then. Talk about awkward goals, right?

15. Write a letter each month to someone. A real letter. I can think of quite a few people in my life that would appreciate this.

16. Find a good home church. This is proving to be a little difficult here.

17. Meet people and make friends. This post makes me sound pretty pathetic and maybe I am but I am having so much trouble meeting people. especially people my age with similar interests. I think it's harder for adults to make new friends or at least I keep telling myself that. Chad says I smell.

18. Do more outdoorsy things. I do hate warm weather and being out in the sun but I need to invest in some solid sunscreen and floppy hats and go canoeing and hiking and camping more.

19. Do more sweet things for Chad. I could put sweet notes in his lunch... I could start making his lunch for him.

20. Start clipping Betty's fingernails more. I hate doing it so she looks like Wolverine most of the time.

21. Make a little learning station in our house for Betty and have little lessons. I know that sounds mean but she really enjoys learning and she learns so quickly. I see so many fun ideas on pinterest and I need to make that a priority. Betty's education I mean, not Pinterest.

22. Make scones or cookies for all of my neighbors. I don't know what it is but it's been hard to make eye contact with our neighbors and I should just go knock on their doors and bring baked goods so that they can't ignore us.

23. Start sewing my own clothes.

24. Start trying to sell my artwork ( This is quite a lofty goal.)

25. Watch less TV. I always have the TV on or the radio going or something making noise and I should just let my house be quiet every so often. (as quiet as it can be with a two year old.)

26. Maintain a healthy weight. I've lost 16 pounds this year on weight watchers and I'm not dieting anymore but I'd like to maintain the weight I have right now or continue improving.

27. Send out Christmas cards this year. Last year I bought them and had pictures taken but never sent anything out. Sorry guys.

I think I did better than I thought I would. Or maybe worse depending on how many of these goals I'm actually able to achieve. Please root for me and remind me if I seem to forget about these mid-year resolutions.

I have a couple pictures from today!

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even though it isn't my Sunday best I still kinda like my outfit today. I thrifted the vest and I think it probably used to belong to a little girl. And I told someone once that I wanted to buy denim shorts and they told me "no." Not like I'd asked permission and they were denying it but more like I was about to step on a land mine and they were warning me that I was about to make a terrible mistake. I still bought them and I'm pretty comfortable with it. The bottom picture is of four generations. Cute, huh?  I hope your week starts out well and enjoy your holiday!

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