Thursday, May 24, 2012

I can't decide whether I get more excited over food or television... either way I think I need real-life friends


I was going to take a break from posting my own thoughts today and just read some of my favorite blogs but in doing so I was bombarded with excellent ideas and was inspired not to share. My parents just flew in today from Ketchikan and I was half expecting/hoping to make dinner for them so I had some really fun ingredients, like lobster, on hand. They had other plans but that's okay - more for Chad and me! Today was an unbearably hot day for me (it's only May!) and so I thought it was time to bust out some summery recipes!. I got some inspiration from Yessiree Petunia. You should read it, It's delightful. I read her post about brie grilled cheese with apples and berries. I immediately went out and bought the necessary ingredients and it was a complete and delicious success. Betty even ate it willingly and that rarely ever happens. Yay!

In addition, I made a lobster pasta salad with broccoli, yellow bell pepper, onion and dill. I used bleu cheese dressing instead of mayo and added a ready-made seasoning packet. super easy meal with really impressive results. Chad even joked that we should mark it on our special day plate ( a plate one writes on to commemorate special life events) to mark the day when I made a good meal. He's got jokes, folks!


I almost forgot. In the teacup is a strawberry smoothie type drink I made in my food processor ( I need to get a blender.) All in all I'm quite proud of myself for this meal and I'm full. I feel like Winnie the pooh after he finishes a jar of honey and pats his belly going "numnumnum." It may be a problem that food is such an emotional event for me. oh well.
I also discovered today that I can get my favorite drink (Soy matcha powder latte) as an iced beverage! SCORE!
Back to the subject of my parents coming to visit ( probably should have been the more important subject of this post, I guess...Sorry mom & dad.) here are a couple cute pictures from today's reunion.

I know this one doesn't have either of my parents in it but I'm really proud of it and they were there too. Watching me take the picture.

This post was all over the place. I hope you still found it interesting. Happy Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Aww what sweet pictures! The brie sandwich definitely looks delicious! I'm sure you have more good meals up your sleeves!

    p.s. Yes I had pancit - we even had it at a fast food fried chicken place!

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