Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Afternoon Playlist.

So today I didn't actually listen to much music because we drove to my grandparents' house again to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. It was fun but I just realized I don't know how old she is. I should ask. Anyway, happy birthday Grandma!

Here's my Monday Mash up, as it were.

1.   What I'm Reading: Les Mis! If I'm going to be completely honest then I must tell you that I haven't been reading it these last few beautiful days. It has been staring at me whenever I walk through the living room though.
2.   What I'm Searching For: Vintage luggage and suitcases. I have so many Ideas. I want to make a foot stool and a bathroom cupboard and a shadow box type thing like in the movie White Oleander. Have you done anything really cool with a vintage suitcase?
3.   What I'm Watching: The Big Bang Theory. I wouldn't watch this show for a long time but once I got into it I discovered how clever and funny it is. I think they overuse the laugh track but other than that It's completely hilarious... and Chad and I BOTH like watching it which is really unusual and great.
Actually, Chad has been talking about this a lot and he's always quoting jokes and then having to explain them. It's really cute.
4.   What I'm Craving: Caprese Salad! Although, to be fair this is my favorite snack and I'm pretty much always craving fresh basil. It's just so good.
5.   What I'm working on: Making something like this for a gift and for me. I don't think it's this cute but I'm still excited about it. I think it may end up being one of those gifts that's just too tacky to do much with but you still appreciate the effort. I'm okay with that.
6.   Who I'm Blog-Stalking: Sophie Isobel at Her Library Adventures! I love reading about the weather where she is and She is an incredible Thrifter. I love following any thrifter or sifter or thrifter drifter. It's great to see what items have stood the test of time and ended up being loved and reloved over generations.
7.   What I'm smelling: Sunscreen. I need this stuff to live whenever I'm outside Alaska.
8.   What I'm Listening To: JETTY RAE! My favorite song is Gualamina but I can't find a link to it. On a personal note... This girl is so great. She was one year behind me in school and she was the nicest girl. Just pleasant and sweet all the time. She sang for our school her freshman year and she was really good even then. You've heard her sing if you've ever seen those catchy Truvia commercials. I feel a little like a creep putting her up here because it's not like we were buds but I'm still so excited for her success! I get to say "I knew her when." about someone and that's always a good feeling. Go! Jetty Rae! Here, Listen!

As long as I'm at it I'll show my iPhone food collage for this past Memorial Day weekend!

As you can see there was a lot of Lobster! Betty didn't so much like the Lobster attacking her up in the top right corner. I had seafood at a German Restaurant and In the bottom left you can see my dad and me posing with 37 ounce beers! (That beer was not mine by the way. I just posed for the picture.) Good times.

We'll come to a close with this picture for no other reason than that it was the only picture I took today somehow.

This is my parents' cabin in Maine. It's all boarded up like that because people keep breaking in while we're/ they're away. (Chad was planning on going swimming today, he doesn't spend all his time in his swim trunks I promise.) Seconds before this picture was taken a dragonfly flew directly into my forehead like I was a plate glass window or something. I still look a little frazzled in the picture and now that I look at it I don't think it's a flattering picture but I like it for some reason. I hope you do too. Betty is awake so I'd better call it a night. Have a good week everybody!


  1. I LOVE the idea of the suitcase revamps! Hope you find some soon!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog

  2. It is still a cute picture!
    I've totally even wanti to create a coffee table from vintage suitcases! We will see how it goes!

    Hi from china!


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