Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday in Vermont

Gear up Ladies and Fellas because this is a very picture-heavy post. We're here in Vermont again (still sans phone.)  and it is a BEAUTIFUL day outside! Chad and Betty and I went for a walk by Indian Brook Resevoir and then Auntie Cait came outside with us to play in the yard in the sun. As a pale person, I generally try to avoid the sun at all costs but I'll have all summer to do that and it's not super hot yet so it's the perfect time, right?

A cupcake and Orangina afternoon

Giving Betty a whole new reason to love rocks

bad posture, Mama

pretty walk

cyoot bow



Swinging with Auntie Cait

Fun in the Sun


garden gnome

Ready. Set.




Swimsuit time

Can you hear my skin sizzle?

I feel so good after spending some time outside. It's been a long winter and I needed the vitamin D boost. How's the weather where you are?


  1. aw, what a nice day :) i love that bathing suit! x

  2. Love, Love, love the suit, so cyoot on you! Love the family pics, it looks like a gawgeous day in VT. Glad your having fun! Love MOM


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