Thursday, May 17, 2012


So, although I'd like to make this blog my "happy place," today I think I'll air some frustrations. Because it's just that kind of day.

First and foremost, My iPhone has disappeared. I know it is somewhere in the house, I know it. but I can't locate it anywhere. That's what I get for letting Betty play with it yesterday, I've taken to following her around hoping she'll lead me to it. Last night she tried to help by calling for it. Walking around with her Foofa doll yelling "phooooooonnee. Hey, phooooooonnnee." cute.

secondly... well I guess there really is no secondly. I'm super grateful that I finally loaded most of my videos onto my computer so I wouldn't lose them if I lost my phone. I'm kicking myself for not downloading that app that helps you find your phone. I almost did it. Why didn't I do it? geesh.

Today is Thursday and I was all set to do a "Thrifty Thursday" post but all of the pictures were still on my phone. Ah well... I didn't do that well couponing anyway. only 10%. and maybe I'll be eligible for an upgrade. Stupid phone. :(

so nerdy.

Pet Peeves

As long as I'm already being a negative Nancy I might as well list some of my biggest pet peeves and general dislikes. Let me know what yours are as well.
In no particular order:
  • When people say "anyways, Irregardless, expresso or expecially."
  • Having to repeat myself.
  • Being interrupted constantly
  • People who say "I'll pay you back later" but don't. If you need me to buy it just ask so I can say no.
  • When people are rude to the waiter
  • When people are rude at all, especially to strangers.
  • Chad's smudgy fingerprints (hasn't been a problem in a long time.)
  • Avacados on anything. Also, sweet potatoes.
  • The phrase "you know what I would do if I were you?"
  • Super hot weather
  • Being defriended then friended then defriended again on facebook.
  • Stores without public restrooms that should definitely have a public restroom... Like banks. really?
I suppose that's it. I feel better. Thank you for listening! have a good day!

P.S. Betty fell asleep holding my hand while I was writing this. Super cute. Has anyone ever checked out the blog I've sent in some funny pics but they might have been too goofy for her. Anyway, It's a really funny blog and you should check it out. TTFN.

P.P.S. It bothers me when people say "ASAP." It's completely unnecessary


  1. Very cute and so true. Betty is a doll

  2. I ended up finding my phone. Betty had hidden it in gold fish container. Chad found it actually


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