Sunday, May 20, 2012

My week-end in pictures!

Ginger Beer & Blackberries. Yummm.

Papa's Birthday Present

Sophia's Prom
Daddy's little girl
 Look at the matching crystals!

Betty & Papa

Playground with Auntie Ky


The Ride Home!
(Above) Note the wardrobe change. Five minutes after the previous picture was taken Betty christened her brand new car seat (thank you Oma, Papa, Ky & Bacon) with her very first bout of car-sickness.(Below) This is a river in Ray Lamontagne's hometown. Fun! I also saw a Boognish decal on the back of someone's truck. 10 points to anyone who can explain what the Boognish is.

This was probably my favorite sighting and, yes, Abi... It is orange!

 That was my week-end. I hope yours was good too. See you tomorrow!

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  1. I love the pictures of Betty looking down the playground tube/slide, and the one of her total look of wonder, she must be saying Oooooh! Fun! Also Sophia is stunning in her blue dress with her date! Thanks for sharing! Mom


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