Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Around the House

So Pinterest has prompted me to give some serious thought to my future dream kitchen. I've started collecting things for when we move to a more permanent home and I can paint the walls and redo everything as I see fit. I try not to own anything that I don't absolutely love and I have quite a few things in my Kitchen that I'm crazy about.

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Sorry for all the sideways pictures. That's obnoxious. Anyway, The 1st picture is of the plates in my cupboard. I've been collecting pretty plates for a couple years now and none of them are alike. My goal is to have a whole set of dishes, twelve of each kind of dish, and have each one be different. Whenever I see a pretty dish I just buy one and then each dish can be my "favorite" dish. The 2nd Picture is of my curtains! I bought my apple tablecloth too big and then cut off the extra and made it into curtains. The window above the sink is filled with little messages and cuteness and I love to do dishes there. I don't love to do dishes but I love standing there looking out into the back yard with all my cuteness around me. The 3rd picture is of an antique Percolator that my mom had in Michigan. I brought it home and Chad actually uses it in the morning to make coffee. So old-fashioned of him. Picture #4 is of my pile of fresh Basil and my hand made fruit magnets from I love Basil and the magnets are so cute and cheery. The 5th picture is of our new Wok! I'm so excited about this because we can actually cook a full meal in it and it was only $7.99! so great! Picture #6 is Chad's grandmother's old Kitchen aid mixer. it's a little rusty but it still works like new and has a ton of attachments so it's great for making cupcakes. I bought little decals in robin's egg blue so now it's cute too. The 7th picture is of two of my prized possessions... My mama and baby romertopf cookers.  We went to dinner at a couple's house in Vermont and they made dinner with one of these and it was amazing! So flavorful and moist and delicious. You soak the clay in water until it's completely saturated and then you put your meal in the oven and preheat it while it's in the oven. The water from the clay steams the food while it's baking and it ends up so great with very little effort. Plus, look how cool they look! The 8th picture is just to show you how much I love red in my kitchen. There's my red microwave, red toaster and red dish drainer. Love it! #9 is our special day plate! I'd never heard of this before but it was a wedding gift from a family in Chad's home church in Vermont. It's a pretty sweet idea - you write all of your family's special moments on it.

I'm trying to accumulate things that will fit in my eventual perfect kitchen.

This Kitchen!

Turquoise & Poppy! I don't know if I've quite convinced Chad yet that this is amazing but it is and I can't wait. I'm pretty sure I love everything about it. Here are some other things that I'll need for my dream kitchen.

I definitely need a bright orange refrigerator.
This would have to be turquoise or red, of course.

dining nook cool pink table base
Adjust to my color scheme and this would be the perfect little breakfast nook.
pink pyrex!

1950s Wedgewood Stove
Everything. Yes!

We'll get there someday. Can't you just picture me with a poofy dress, Pearls and heals taking a roast out of the oven for my hard-working husband? me neither... but you can wear pearls with sweatpants too. The idea is still the same.

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  1. I love your kitchen stories, the perfect red kitchen is awesome, can't wait to see yours and help you with your collections. I also enjoyed hearing that Chad is using the antique percolater to make his coffee, i bet it is delicious. I prefer stove top dripolaters myself. I'm sharing your blog with my friends, however, i could not get my work computer to open the Jpeg link photos. All your pictures are awesome, keep posting! MOM


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