Sunday, March 18, 2012

3 Cheap Weekends in a Row

So right now my beloved husband is cooking a spaghetti dinner for us so I have a moment to talk about how fantastic my life is. well he just scolded me for hollowing out the french bread but that's okay... I'd rather take a playful scolding than eat french bread crust. These last few weeks have been good. My husband has taken over control of our finances so i'm able to destress about money somewhat and we've been successfully living within our means and still having fun. We've discovered Good Will and it's a ton of fun! like a garage-saler's Mecca. We've had three weekends in a row of inexpensive family fun! I've been diligently clipping my coupons and looking for bargains in or local supermarkets and Chad has been doing side work for our landlord so we still have enough left over each weekend to go do something fun together as a family.  Three weekends ago we went to our local roller rink with Chad's brother and sister. it was five bucks a piece and Betty got to be pushed around by daddy in her stroller (she wore her helmet too. don't worry.) Most of the time it's hard to watch the people you love try to roller skate but Chad really impresses me. he's kind of amazing on roller blades.
I I love our awkward family skater photo and Chad's action shot both courtesy of Mr. Zebulon Cordner.
Since we're new to Maine we've been trying to get out to do some exploring. Chad hates it when I change the settings on the GPS to avoid highways and traffic but you get to see some really beautiful scenery that way and it's not that much extra in gas money. the last two weekends have been beautiful so we've gone down to portland to see the city and take in the Portland flower show and The Maine Boat show. both were fun but next time i'll wear practical shoes. I wouldn't have said no if Chad had offered to carry me but then we have a baby so I have to be an adult.

So it's upside down and you can see my shadow but it's still cute, right?

Poor Betty's skirt is way too big but she doesn't seem to care

My favorite flower... I love springtime!

They had this and four other models for sale at the flower shw too! when we get a house this will be our first purchase! they weren't that expensive either. I think this model was $2,000.00

Betty checking out the baby chicks. We scolded her for tapping on the glass so she then decided to scold her fellow bird watcher for the same thing... If your mother won't tell you what's what then my one-year-old will.

The flower show cost $15.00 per person so Chad, Betty and I got to walk around for three hours for $30.00! I have more fun smelling flowers than Chad does but I think we all enjoyed it. they even had a kid's craft booth so that will be lots of fun when Betty is older.

after the flower show we took another drive up to Popham Beach. This was the first time that Chad has ever been... we should have packed a picnic. Betty wore her rainboots so she was able to get muddy and play.

This past weekend we went back to the same building but this time it was for the boat show. Chad's passion in life is for building boats which made it a lot of fun to watch him talk shop with fellow boatbuilders and inspect their handiwork. plus the building was well lit this time and the building itself is beautiful. There were so many people there that looked exactly like what I would imagine a fisherman to look like. At least three times I felt myself wanting to ask permission to take a picture. I'll have to build up my confidence.

Betty loves her silver shoes... Just like Dorothy
I don't know what these are but they look pretty
This is a replica of the oldest boat in Maine
This builidng is so cool
My favorite boat in the show. so pretty

This boat is so shiny!

Aaaannnnd Betty is done.

I'm excited to continue exploring Portland. The cobblestone streets are the coolest thing but it's hard to get a picture of the street... especially on St. Paddy's day. Maybe next time.

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