Thursday, March 1, 2012

Weekend at Judy's

Here we go... first post! please be forgiving I'm a little rusty.

One of the perks of moving to Vacationland is that we get to be closer to Chad's family! Last weekend we were visited by Chad's Sister, Kylie, and her husband, Bacon, who live in Vermont.  They were able to bring Chad's younger brother, Zebbie with them as well which was an excellent surprise as only a short time before their visit he had moved back from Seattle. oh and, yes... his name is Zebbie. well, Zebulon but some people have a rough time pronouncing his full name. :)

For the time being we only have one car (if you're inclined to pray please include this request.) so having them coming to visit meant a much needed escape from the home for me. The first place we visited was The Cordner's aunt and uncle Judy and Jim! Their lovely home is only an hour away from where we live... well, forty-five minutes if you ride with Judy but it took us an hour. we spent the day eating, (Judy is an unbelievable cook and baker.) going through her craft supplies and impressive completed projects, talking about home invaders and then taking a walk through the woods. next time we should rethink the order of those events.

Chad and Zebbie Setting the table for brunch (with chocolate Fondue and strawberries)

Betty and her Auntie Kyky (or Kiki as Betty says)
I think Daddy was making fun of her and she didn't much like it.
Betty and her great Aunt Judy
Chad showing off.
Betty inspecting turkey tracks in the ice. She didn't stay in her stroller for very long.

Betty & Mama. Check out the old stove! it is definitely going on my wish list. I should have taken better pictures but Judy's house is filled with interesting things. I'm pretty sure I saw at least two spinning wheels (which will always make me think of sleeping beauty) and she's got lavender and herbs hanging from the ceiling and stashed everywhere. The first thing I do when i walk in her door is take a big deep breath. The smell of her house soaks everything that's in it - including Judy. It's always nice getting gifts from her because it smells like her home and all it's herbally goodness.
Betty snuggling her Uncle Bacon. so cute.

The next day we all visited Popham Beach state park. we took the scenic drive and it was beautiful! As I said before we only have one car so I hadn't been able to go exploring but after that drive I'm so excited to live in Maine. There were rock walls and old cemeteries and miles of coastline. It was beautiful. I remember visiting Popham Beach when I was younger but I'd never been in my full winter garb before. I'm excited to be able to go back in a bathing suit.
Footsteps from my little explorer. She'd have run straight into the ocean if we'd let her.

Auntie Ky being helpful.
Bye Bye Popham Beach! See you when summer comes.

But of course no family visit would be complete without some sort of gluttony...

This was my very first trip to a Cold Stone Creamery, Betty's too. It would have never been possible if Auntie Ky weren't able to spot ice cream from three miles off. I'm sure you can tell from the picture just how much she enjoyed being there:) Love you, Kylie.

It was incredibly sad to see them leave again. Betty was asleep and when she woke up and they were gone she ran around the house looking for them. completely heartbreaking. that's why it's so great to only live 4 1/2 hours from them now as opposed to living across the country. I still really miss Alaska but looking forward to these visits is going to make it all worth it.

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  1. So glad you are enjoying Maine. Truly where my heart is and so happy my granddaughter is going to grow up a Mainer! keep posting. Love MOM


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