Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Nesting Bug

As I'm sure you've gathered by now I am pregnant again. We know she's a little girl and we already know her name. I'm officially 5 months pregnant today at just shy of 22 weeks and I've been gathering baby things for a while now. It's exciting and nerve wracking but I know I need to celebrate every day and so I am... by preparing. I thought I'd share the pieces I'm most excited about. Some are on my registry and some I have already. let me know what you think!
1. Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack - Holiday in Hague. I saw a woman using the changing pad on this in the Juneau Airport and have wanted one ever since. It's truly genius! the front panel zips down into a full changing pad with pockets for diapers and wipes. the backpack straps and messenger strap unclip so you can choose which to use and the inside pocket comes off with Velcro. I worry a little bit about how the Velcro and the zippers will hold up as they're attached to more delicate fabric but that could just be because the exterior is so tough and sturdy. I've seen plenty of women still carrying these when their babies are no longer babies. either way it's crazy cute and amazingly functional... I'm already using it.
2. Lassig Lela Teether. This thing is really cute. I love the Sophie the Giraffe teether because I love all things French but I never loved it enough to register for it or buy it but I both registered for and gave in and bought this cutie already. Who doesn't love a baby deer? plus it's all natural rubber and it's German. Like I said, I love anything French but it was still super fun to get this toy in the mail and see the details all written in German... The baby will be 1/8th German after all.
3. Gdiapers. These seem so cool but I'm not 100% ready to commit to a full set so we'll play it by ear. I've heard good things. From what I've heard they're the best of both the disposable and cloth diapering worlds.
4. Badger Basket Moses Basket. I have high hopes for this company. everything they make looks amazing. I really wanted the corner changing table too but we were given a normal one. I'm still setting it up next to the crib so I don't have to change diapers sideways. Anyway, We already have this basket as well and I'm pretty impressed by it. it's nothing fancy but that's why I like it. you can rock baby to sleep in it and in the morning carry the basket into the bathroom with you while you shower or into the kitchen while you make breakfast. it's a super good idea, right?
5. Weleda Baby Shampoo. So I was given a sampler of Weleda baby products when Betty was born and they were all nice but this is the only stuff we ran out of and we ran out of it immediately. Why? The smell! I love the smell of this shampoo I would sit and sniff Betty's head for hours after each bath - it's heavenly. I have incredibly sensitive skin too but there's nothing irritating or fake in this... just goodness.
6. Graco Snugride 35. So if you've read my blog you know that Graco makes the safest and most well loved infant seat around so it was a given that I'd register for this particular seat. We had the Graco 32 for Betty but it has since expired. With Betty it was given to us when we were three months pregnant so it was a very gender neutral seat - super cute though. I'm really excited this time to get a super feminine seat for our little girl.
7. Wubbanub Lamb. This is really cute in theory and it has already been gifted to us but I have my doubts. I super hope it works but I know there was no way I was ever going to get Betty to take this kind of pacifier. Let's hope this little one does. We'll bring it to the hospital and let it be the first one she's given. think it'll work?

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