Monday, November 11, 2013

Cute Things my Three-Year-Old says

Betty playing with her cousin/uncle Joe. She calls him her big friend.
My daughter is so adorable. I know I'm biased but for real - she's the cutest. She mispronounces words in such an adorable way that I actually get sad when she learns how to say them correctly. Then I forget how she said them. I'm going to catalog some of them here so that they don't disappear into my ever faltering mommy memory.

Shortcup = short cut

foon = spoon

Strawberry cupcake = Strawberry Shortcake

Fwitchy = squishy

You're breaking my heart a pieces = you're breaking my heart into pieces.
she says this whenever she gets in trouble or whenever she has to say good bye to someone. It's pretty effective.

Yucky stuff = anything that would normally go on things like pizza or a hamburger. Her first generalization.

I don't beweeve it = I don't believe it.
she says this all the time. after funny jokes or whatever. Totally cute.

Oh my goomess = oh my goodness.
she recently learned how to pronounce this correctly. It broke my heart a pieces.

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