Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Sunday Best

So here I am 16 weeks and 2 days pregnant and already plotting out my nursing attire for when baby comes. Last time I used a cover and my regular clothes - yes, even underwire bras. My reasoning last time around was that there were virtually zero places to buy nursing wear in our Alaska town. This time, however, I'm forgoing the traditional nursing designs because, well... they're gross. I hate the nursing tanks with the clasps on the straps - so frustrating. I also hate that most nursing shirts are also maternity shirts so that when the baby is out and the idea would ideally be to downplay the size of your belly, you're still wearing huge clothes designed to accentuate your floppy stomach. Why not design affordable nursing shapewear? why not design nursing tanks that can open from the front rather than the top? It seems like common sense to me but clearly I'm alone in this because it's almost impossible to find these things. Solution? I'll make and compile them myself. My other issue with nursing is that of the nursing cover. Yes, I believe in modesty but I also believe in being able to use both of my hands to care for my baby. I also know that those large nursing covers do little to detract attention from a nursing mother, in fact, if you're struggling beneath the cover the movement and odd shaped tent will only attract unwanted attention. Solution? Wear user friendly nursing tank tops (preferably with shape wear.) and flowy or ruffly shirts that will act as their own covers. I'm due in march and I was all jazzed about an infinity nursing scarf, I'm still excited about it, but I'm also due in the spring which means the majority of my early nursing will take place in the summer - not the time to be wearing a scarf everywhere. My whole thing is to embrace simplicity and eliminate unnecessary complications. I don't need a nursing cover to nurse in public comfortably, In fact, I believe it would only be an impediment, so why drag it around? Anyway. I've been thrifting and shopping and pinteresting and here is my first maternity outfit that will eventually double as a cute nursing outfit, although I'm sure I'll stretch out the tank top long before then and need another. I'll be making them and I'll show you how I do it soon!.

I like this blouse a lot because it has long sleeves and the back is super cute, look at the buttons! plus it's flowy enough to act as it's own nursing cover. Even though nothing I'm wearing is designed for nursing mothers, I could easily and comfortably breastfeed while wearing this. plus it's cute maternity wear.                                                                                                       
Blouse - Thrifted. Tank Top - Skirt - Target Maternity. Bra - Wal mart spaghetti strapped bandeau bra.

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