Friday, July 27, 2012

Half-Hearted Crafting

I love to be be crafty and creative. I love to paint and draw and can take days or months to work on a project but sometimes, if a project becomes too time consuming, it can remained unfinished and in the way until it's ultimately thrown away or put in storage. This happens mostly when I knit or sew. Because of this, I love quick crafts and it just so happens that I've completed a few recently.

Wall Art

one of my favorite decorations in my house is this piece.
Most of my wall art comes from Goodwill or garage sales but I loved this wallpaper I bought on etsy and so I just bought a poster frame and put it on display. When we get into our own home I'm going to cover the inside with antique wallpaper... and yes I do hope it's pineapple wallpaper.

Bill Sorting A La Martha Stewart:

I really wish I remember the blog I saw this on but I do know that it's originally a Martha Stewart idea. It would have been ideal for me to take the time to search for an antique set of shutters but I wanted it done NOW and old shutters often have lead paint so I went to Home Depot and got these on sale because they were missing the attachment pins - lucky for me I didn't need them.

I nailed them to the wall and voila. Luckily it's right next to the trash bin as well so I don't end up with piles of mail anymore. Yay!

Chalkboard Kitchen Message Board

The craft store in town had a huge sale on chalkboards so I thought this would be cute.
I put some scrap booking poppies on it and then hung it there. I like it.

No Sew Bunting

I love bunting and I want it all over my house but I don't have a working sewing machine right now so I bought some super cheap felt and some yarn and made this string in about twenty minutes.

I've also taken to making bouquets of dried flowers and hanging pictures up with clothes pins. It's amazing how things that are so simple can make such a big difference in a home. Are there any quick crafts that you've done in your home? Let me know!


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