Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Great Finds From Good Will

Second-Hand Philosophy

The other day I was out and about and I realized that every single thing I was wearing was second-hand. There was a time when that would have really bothered me but now I'm really proud of it. When I was probably 21 one of my friends was teasing me and said that I looked like I only shopped at Goodwill. I couldn't help but be a little bit offended because the outfit I was wearing when he said that was not cheap. In fact I was wearing the most expensive things I owned at the time. My shirt was $80.00 and my jeans were $120.00. At that point, I decided that if I'm going to look like I'm shopping second-hand anyway then I might as well just shop second-hand. I'm proud to say that no one item on this list cost me more than $5.99 and I generally can be pretty sure that nobody else will be wearing the same thing. whether or not that's a good thing is a matter of opinion, I guess. Get ready for some goofy photos!

Button down dress $4.99
Vintage Scarf $1.00
 The dress was missing a button but that was a pretty easy fix.

Button Down Floral Shirt $4.99
goofy picture. I still haven't gotten the hang of taking my own pictures. The belt is a braided green leather belt - I really don't like buying leather when I can help it but it was only fifty cents.
Vintage Dress $3.00
This dress is so old and so great! it's too big for me but I really wanted to wear it anyway. I want to either get it fitted or flip it. it has a small stain on the front that's barely noticeable. How much would you pay for a Mad Men dandy like this?
Baby clothes - $1.00 each... The dress may have been more actually but not much.

My Mom actually found this little jacket at an estate sale but it is SO cute!!!
WAY too short shorts $3.99
I really don't like wearing short shorts or anything from American Eagle but it is way too hot here and I needed shorts. Don't judge.
scarves $.50 & $.99
I love these and need to wear them more often. For better or worse I was quite pleased that I was able to incorporate a vintage scarf into my outfit up top... the maroon dress.
Button down shirt $4.99
I only love this shirt because I used to own it. When I was bigger I had this same shirt and I got so big that I needed help buttoning the sleeves because my arm fat would get in the way. That shirt was a medium and this is a large but I bought it just for nostalgia's sake. My other one finally met it's end when I was very  pregnant and started popping buttons and splitting seams. poor shirt.
Vintage Dress... I think it was $4.99 but don't hold me to it.
This dress feels handmade and I really really like it. It also feels very old and I feel cute in it. I really want to wear a belt with it but i haven't found a belt that won't make me look like a giant plus sign.
Floral Skirt $3.99
This skirt is by Tommy Hilfiger but That isn't why I bought it I assure you. I do think it's cute.

Have you thrifted anything pretty recently?


  1. These are some awesome finds! ;) Thrifting is one of the things I love about being in America. In Argentina, you can't score such great second hand items for so cheap!

    Hope you're having a great week! ;D


  2. vintage and secondhand is definitely the way to go! but u hear ya on the brand name and having the most expensive things way back when! smh :)

    look forward to following you! i can already tell i'll love your blog from this post alone!



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