Thursday, May 31, 2012

Purple & Red

I love when two unlikely colors end up looking AMAZING together. These are My good friend's favorite colors and now that I know that she loves red and purple together I keep seeing them together everywhere - picture frames, stuffed animals, lamps... the list keeps getting bigger.Here's some examples that I found on Pinterest. Thank you, Pinterest!
Red and Purplered and purpleRed and purplePinned ImageRed dresses and purple flowers and a winter back gave this winter wedding extra pop! Photos by Birke photographyGrapes and deeply fragrant elderflower mingle in a vibrant drink worthy of celebration. Musky-sweet fresh Concord grapes are available only in September and October, which makes them perfect for a fall wedding. They're a brilliant garnish, but any red or purple table grape will do.Red and purple #hair~.  Love it.Purple, pink and red living room decor. Pink Living Room Designs - Contemporary StyleI love the vibrant colors and the playful style of the dresses from Yang Du’s collection for AW12 featuring designs inspired by the animal kingdom - black and white owls, flamingos with blue beaks, green-eyed owls, giraffe or hippopotamus backpacks, purple red and yellow tigers, colourful zebras, crocodile-faced scarf, and blue hippopotamus beanie.Red and purplePurple and redred and purple!Purple and red!

If you dress in these colors you will automatically feel like royalty. That's just what they do. Do you have any unusual color combinations that you like? How do they make you feel? let me know!

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