Thursday, May 3, 2012

My 2 Best Photographed Mommy Moments This Week

If Betty feels better tomorrow then we will be heading to Vermont for my sister-in-law's bridal shower! So exciting! So I'm going to take this opportunity, even though the week isn't over, to blog about my best mommy moments this week! It's been a weird week as we've all had a yucky cold but there are still plenty of good memories to go around.

1. Betty's first visit to our town's playground.

Betty playing inside the "Happo"

Foofa gets a turn on the swing too
2. Betty started to feel better after her cold!

The best moment after a couple days of a sad clingy uncomfortable toddler is when she starts to laugh again so we decided to take some pictures - poor quality pictures but still good.

It's so much fun being a mom even on a down week. She's growing and learning so quickly! Like, right now she's learning to talk and it's like a game to try and figure out just what she's trying to say but some words and phrases she can say incredibly clearly. We're so excited to get to Vermont tomorrow but we have to get an early start so it's definitely bed time. Talk to you later!

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