Saturday, April 28, 2012

My 5 Best Photographed Mommy Moments This Month

This past month was a very chaotic and stressful one. Betty and I flew to Michigan to see my grandpa before he passed and then stayed and spent time with family before my father drove us back to Vermont. Then Betty and I drove the rest of the way home the next day. Although this last month was incredibly sad it was also good to spend time with family.  I love being able to see Betty interact with her various aunts, uncles, cousins and Grandparents. She fusses every once in a while and can be bratty occasionally but for the most part she's pretty fun. There were a few stand out moments this past month where I was extra happy to be able to be with her and share her experiences. Also, when I say the 5 Best Photographed Moments I mean the best moments that i just happened to be able to catch with my camera... I do not mean that I think these pictures are well taken because that's often not the case. I hope you enjoy them anyway.

1. Easter Egg Hunt in Michigan.
That's Betty's Grandma holding up the ribbon so that Betty can get a running start

Betty and butts

It looks like Betty is stealing from another child's basket but she isn't.

7 eggs and a happy girl

She likes the Easter Bunny much better than she did Santa

Walking with Auntie Amy and Auntie Lisa

look at all the fishies (do not give them your iPhone....)
2. Betty's First Tigers Game at Comerica Park
Betty entertained the people around us. She cheered right along with everybody else.

Something basebally happening

Yay! Touchdown! ;)

Grandpa and Auntie Lisa! Thank you guys for making this memory possible.
3. Fishing in The Hotel Pool Near Detroit

we bought a fishing set at the drugstore across the street for $2.49 and it deteriorated before we left the pool. we got our money's worth out of it.

fun fun
I know, Betty. two-pieces are indecent.
4. Betty's First Morel Mushroom Experience

These little mushrooms were an integral part of my childhood. yuummmm!

it smells like perfection doesn't it Betty?

I also love the old-Timey pyrex bowl
5. Photo Taken with Both Grandpas (Papa & Grandpa)
This is a picture my Aunt Lisa found while going through old pictures at my Grandpa Bergmann's house (that's him on the left and me in the middle) The other man is my other grandpa... Isn't this picture sweet?
This was one of my many failed attempts to recreate that picture for Betty. It's much harder than one would think to get all three people to look at the camera at the same time.

My dad (on the right) is trying to recreate my Grandpa's expression - It may be just a little bit exaggerated.

oh well... I tried. we'll try again next time.

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  1. REally like the photos Brenna, your blog is growing every day. especially like your comment "Touchdown" at a baseball game, made me laugh! MOM


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