Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week 24

Week 23
Food Cravings:  Still feeling more aversions. I really want cookies and cookie dough. My main worry is getting enough food. We completely did away with naps for Betty but now we all go to bed at like 8 or 8:30 and Betty and I sleep until 9:30 the next day. Today we slept until 11:00!!! I worry about not eating in that time period and then I'm just not all that hungry and I stress out. Today I ate an orange, 2 big bowls of cereal, 3 hard boiled eggs and a huge bowl of mac n' cheese with tuna and peas. not the most balanced diet.
Maternity Clothes: This week one of my maternity tank tops was uncomfortably snug. I had to roll it up over my belly.
Movement: She's been really active recently. I love it.
Best Moments: Betty sings to the baby to try and get her to kick her hand. She stops and stares at my belly, gets really quiet and says "Can I please let go now, mommy." Cracks me up - "of course you can, Betty."
Coordination: Non-existant. I feel really clumsy. I fell down the stairs the other day. I landed on my feet but I really hurt my foot. I keep kicking my bed frame on accident and hard. When my foot hit it the other day the rest of my body didn's stop walking and my whole body flew forward. I caught myself on the wall but jammed a bunch of fingers in the process. I also keep dropping things... everything.
Other Symptoms: My pelvis is really sore - like it was during the last month of my first pregnancy. and I feel like my tailbone has separated. I have awful heartburn and I keep getting dehydrated no matter how much I drink.
People's Reaction: It seemed like people's reaction to me has changed really quickly. I used to get sideways glances in the grocery store and I could tell people noticed but they weren't 100% sure so they didn't dare say anything. Now I get people going "oh goodness!" oh "Oh Wow!" when they first spot me. I'm pretty proud of that.
Differences From 1st Pregnancy: I'm measuring right on track. With Betty I was always measuring just a tiny bit small. My due date changed 3 different times. I keep expecting that but this baby is measuring right on track. I know I started showing a lot sooner this time but I really think this baby is just going to be bigger than Betty was.
Exercise: This week it's not happening at all. I wanted to start a prenatal yoga class but I can't find one. and usually Betty and I go to the pool two to three times a week but that's not happening this week. I'm pretty much a complete couch potato other than some dancing and some squats.

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