Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Least Favorite Baby Products

So for part two of this little baby item installment I'll cover the items that I ultimately considered a waste of money. Most of the baby websites out there have registry suggestion list that make new moms believe they need to buy everything on them or your baby won't be awesome. That's just not the case. The only reason they put so many items on that list is so that you'll spend money on them but you do not need all of it. Here is my list of baby items that we would have been better off not having.

1. A Wipe Warmer. This thing just took up space. We put wipes in it occasionally but it really only served as a wipe holder. The whole concept is flawed as you will not always be right next to the wipe warmer when changing diapers. What happens when baby grows accustomed to warm wipes and then suddenly has the shock of a cold wipe when you go to a friends house for dinner? Sorry baby. This item is definitely not worth the money.

2. Diaper Genie.
 I know lots of people love their diaper genies but I thought it was gross. We were given a hand me down one and it still had an odor to it (I may have been more aware of it because I was pregnant.) But at any rate we replaced it with a brand new one but it still grossed me out. you have to shove the diaper through the slot so hard that the contents can squish out on your hand or on the sides and it fills up super quickly which I found quite inconvenient. Also it didn't eliminate the odor like it was supposed to. We ended up just using a normal trash can because if we're going to have to change it regularly we might as well have something easier to change.

3. The pacifiers with a thermometer built in... or rather any thermometer other than the temporal artery thermometers or rectal thermometers.
I still don't recommend rectal thermometers but at least the work. Betty would never use a normal oral thermometer - she hated them. The pacifier one simply does not work and the strips you're supposed to hold to the forehead don't work either. Oh, and the ear thermometers are completely inaccurate. The Temporal Artery Thermometer works really well. everything else is just frustrating

4. Changing pad covers.
These things got so dirty so quickly they were all in the dirty laundry before I even had a chance to wash them. My baby had some pretty explosive diapers (sorry) and I'm told that that is to be expected of newborns. We ended up just using washcloths under baby's bum so that changing it would be easy and we'd be able to do it with one hand (are you noticing a pattern here?) if it can be accomplished with one hand instead of two I support it. There are just too many times when it's inconvenient to put baby down and, for me, that was one of them.

5. Apron style nursing covers.
I don't hate these. I used mine a lot and it was very pretty but looking back it was awkward. I always had to sit with my back against the wall or else my back and side (with flab and stretch marks) would be exposed. Betty would kick it off and leave me struggling to cover myself and both of my arms would be monopolized underneath the cover. This time around I'm using an infinity scarf nursing cover like this one. Your back and sides are covered, you have one arm free and it's light enough to breathe and falls in the right place to monitor baby without covering your entire front. Plus it kind of just looks like a piece of clothing so it's not as conspicuous. The Apron style covers are supposed to be for discrete nursing but lets be honest, everyone knows what's happening while you struggle to get situated under your tarp... especially if it's bright yellow or something which seems to be a pretty popular color choice. Uncomfortable.

What are your least favorite baby items? Do you strongly disagree with any of my picks? let me know!

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