Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back Again

Good afternoon Blogosphere. I'm back from my hiatus at least for today.

so much has happened since we last spoke that it's hard to know where to begin. Betty has grown so much. she's so filled with little toddler quirks. I'm going to list some of my favorites.

- She's developed a bit of a flair for the dramatic. When she encounters something remarkably cute or sad or overwhelming she exhales deeply and exclaims "Oh my goomess" she then puts her head down on whatever surface is nearest to her as though she has collapsed underneath the emotional weight of whatever has just affected her. it's usually that she isn't the absolute center of our attention.

- She's begun lining all of her toys up across the floor of our living room. head to toe for her stuffed animals.

- She will randomly stop dead in her tracks and scream for help while reaching for some one's hand. once given, she will grasp said hand tightly and swing on it as though there is a deep cavern in front of it that only she can see and she's Indiana Jones. If you don't grab her hand she still doesn't cross the imaginary line/ canyon but instead, hangs her head and walks away slowly as if she'll never see us again.

- When I take a picture of her she gets super excited and runs over to the camera screaming "LOOKY SEE! LOOKY SEE!" She giggles at her own image and makes me retake the picture... only the second time she poses as a pirate.
Her hand is an eye patch.

- If I leave her "alone" in a playhouse with a baby doll she will wrap the baby doll in a blanket, feed it, put it to bed and sing to it. then shush it randomly while she tidies up the house.

- She's a daredevil. This girl is not afraid of super tall slides or jumping off of them. It's terrifying.

- She LOVES to sing. My mother bought a toddler sing along CD that we have in the car. She sings along without any inhibition, making up words as she goes along. She has very good pitch.

- She loves to skype with family but doesn't quite understand that all of our family is not in the same place when we skype. My parents live in Alaska and her Aunt Kylie lives in Vermont but when we last Skyped Kylie, Betty asked her Where Grandma and Grandpa were as she tried to peer behind Kylie's head. It kinda makes sense that she would think that, I think.

- She's speaking really well. Last week she threw something into the garbage can and I heard it clink suspiciously when it landed amongst the rest of our trash. Then she just walked away. When I asked her what she had thrown away her response was "I don't know Mommy, I'm shy." okay Betty... I'll go sift through the trash. 

- She's very grateful. Whenever I give her something, most recently the broen chain of one of my old necklaces. She gives me a really big eyes-closed hug and says "Oh thank you Mommy! Thank you SOO much!" and then carries it around beaming. This also happens when I show her pictures of herself. "Who's that Mommy? It's Me!?!? Oh Thank you, Mommy! Thank you SO much!"

In Short... My daughter is awesome.

and she was a junior bacon cheeseburger for Halloween. everyone kept callig her a little boy :(


  1. I second that, she is the most awesome granddaughter ever! One of her many amazing traits is that of empathy at such an early age. Whenever somebody coughs or cries, she automatically asks, Are you OK? Never have i seen a 2 year old do that. She is a very intuitive, beautiful little girl! I know i'm biased but it is so true! Love her so much! Grandma

  2. awwww... she's so so adorable! enjoyed reading this post so much. you're so blessed to have such an awesome kid. :)


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