Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Sunday Best // Thrifty Finds

I found two really cute dresses for  $8.00!

Dress Number One   

Dress Number Two

Dress #2 is my favorite. I bought the first dress because it's from Patagonia and I'm pretty sure I can sell it but I'm definitely going to keep the plaid wrap dress because It's super cute and comfy.
I really love this bag I thrifted too. It was also less than ten dollars. 
What thrift store treasures have you found recently?


  1. love the dresses, finding great treasures from thrift stores is one of my favorite things! Love that Pan Am bag too!

  2. Lovely dresses and your Pan Am bag was a total bargain.

  3. Such pretty dresses - they look so easy to wear as well. Great finds!

    Nikki x


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