Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stuff From my Mommy

My Mother is a very giving person, not just to me. I'm pretty sure half of Betty's toys came from Grandma. As a thank you, here are some of my favorites of my Mother's gifts, loans and garage sale scores. Thanks Mom!

 I've featured this before. My Mom had it for sale in a consignment shop and nobody bought it so she gave it to m and Chad uses it to make his coffee.
 We had a spoon rest in Alaska that Chad loved but it broke so my Mom got us this one.
 I love this sugar dish but I want to use it for honey... It's super cute but it may have lead based paint so it's just on display for now.
 This came in a care package - It's an antique cookie press.
 My Mother is "loaning" these to us until she can transport them back to us. They're Roseville Pottery? My Mom found them here in Maine at an estate sale shop.
 This is an antique cake cover that belonged to my Great Grandma.
 Betty loves these. They were mine when I was little.
 So was this.
 My Mom spent her whole trip looking for a little kitchen for Betty and found this at Goodwill on her last day for less than $5.00!
 This was a christmas present. It's a denali blanket and I love it! I've washed it so many times and it still looks brand new. These blankets come in ton of different designs and are awesome gifts. here's there website.
My Mom makesthese little lavender sachets. My house is filled with them - They smell so nice.
 My Mom bought these boots from Modcloth for me and I LOVE them. Modcloth.com is my very favorite store and there's a bunch of stuff for sale there right now that I'm swooning over. Check it out. There should be a linky on my sidebar or under this post!
 My Mom didn't actually give me these but I got the idea from her. I love eucalyptus leaves and my Mom makes really pretty wreaths out of them.
 Cute little single egg frying pan. She sent this t us because she knows how much Betty likes eggs.

Thanks Mom!

What special things does your Mom send you?


  1. Your mom sure has an eye for pretty things! I especially love that cake cover!

  2. What a lovely cake cover. I also love the boots and the little play kitchen. Yay for your mum :)

  3. all these are amazing :)
    awesome post!!


  4. Awww you are truely blessed with a Mum like that xxx

  5. Mother's always take care of their kids and love a good bargain too. The blanket looks toasty. I'm off to look at the web-site.

  6. Thank you all! My Mom is a keeper.

  7. What a lovely collection of goodies from your Mum. I have an old Fisher Price house like the one in your picture from when I was a girl. My boys have enjoyed playing with it and now I love watching my daughter enjoy it. Thanks for joining me over at mine. Cx

  8. Awww! Thanks for honoring me! I love shopping for you guys and as you know i can't pass up a good baaaagin (maine lingo)at any sale. I have to watch myself due to shipping and living in Alaska. Maine is a treasure trove of antique and flea markets moreso than it ever used to be due to the state of the economy. It is so much fun to shop there. Also you being my only daughter and so far Betty being the only grandaughter it is hard not to spoil you all! Love you so much! You will have to post the handmade things people have made for Betty sometime. I saw some great stuff from your Aunt Judy and Oma!

  9. What a wonderful mom you have. She has a great eye for finding great goodies. Like the egg spatula and am visiting the Denali websit.


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